Sentences with Multiple Voice Conjugations

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When using the Voice Conjugator to change the voice of a sentence from active to passive, you might find out that there is more than one passive counterpart to your active sentence. This can happen because of one or both of the following scenarios.

Multiple conjugations

Some sentences may be passivised in more than one way. In the example below, the verb gave takes a direct object and a prepositional complement. Either of them can be passivised.

They gave the money to Bill >
    The money was given to Bill (ordinary passive)
    Bill was given the money to (prepositional passive)

Multiple meanings

Sometimes a sentence has more than one meaning and consequently different conjugations, one for each meaning. In the example below, They brought many beautiful presents have two meanings. They either brought a lot of beautiful presents or brought beautiful presents to many (people).

Meaning 1

They brought many beautiful presents >
    Many beautiful presents were brought by them

Meaning 2

They brought many beautiful presents >
    Many were brought beautiful presents by them

You can read more about passivization in our article about the Voice Conjugator.

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